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Aki Yamamoto アキ・ヤマモト







Aki Yamamoto, born in 1997, is an artist based in Tokyo.


During his teenage years, he was heavily influenced by graffiti culture, and that is clearly shown in his early works such as action photos of graffiti and urban exploration, ZINES featuring his daily snapshots, drawings, and texts, cement sculptures inspired from his drawings and 


His current works are mainly paintings that intervene in the memories of the past and present from a meta-perspective, transforming his self-image into trees, umbrellas, and other objects that exist universally in the city.


Instagram @akiymmt_

2018 「BROWNIES.」 at CORNER PRINTING KG - Japan, Tokyo
2019 「Cumulonimbus」 at LAID BUG - Japan, Tokyo
2019 「ZINE LIBRARY」 at RFI gallery - Germany, Hamburg 
2020 「RISO IS IT」 at OIL by 美術手帖 - Japan, Tokyo

2021 「Reflection / MARU TO AKIYAMAMO TO」at GRAF porch - Japan, Osaka

2021 「THE AIZOME COLLECTION A PROJECT BY GOODHOOD AND C.C.P」at Goodhood - United Kingdom, London

2021 「Three Different Minds」 at Mucciaccia Gallery - United Kingdom, London

2022 「IN SOLITUDE」at DOMICILE TOKYO - Japan, Tokyo

2022 「見えない足、湾曲したあなた Invisible feet, curved you」at Light seed gallery(Watari Museum of Contemporary Art) - Japan, Tokyo



2018 「BROWNIES.」A3 size 32page Edition 50

2018 「BROWNIES.2」A4 size 40page, Edition 30

2018 「BROWNIES.3/Observation of one day ある日の観察」A4 size 20page, Edition 50

2019 「DOVE」A5 size 24page, Edition 3

2019 「Individual scale」72pages, Edition 1

2020 「In and out/Inside out 2020」B5 size 54page, Edition 60

2020 「Others just get wet」A5 size 28page, Edition 100

2021 「C.C.P. Blue Book Vol. 1 / C.C.P. 青本 1号」A4 size 22page, Edition 100

​2022 「AMBIGUOUS GAZE」Size 257 x 91mm 32page, Edition 60

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