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C.C.P. Blue Book Vol. 1 / C.C.P. 青本 1号

A4/22 pages 
Risograph printing Cover : serigraphy

Language : EN
published by C.C.P publication, Printed in Japan 2021

Layout: Aki Yamamoto
Logodesign: Alexandre Bavard aka. Mosa

Aizome (Jap. for Indigo) has been a big part of Japan's culture for centuries. The aizome studio C.C.P. collaborated with to create this capsule is based on the oceanside of Japan, Chiba. The Ayaki Indigo Luv Studio, is a sustainable lifestyle driven workshop run by individuals using the indigo dyeing technique Sho-Aizome, which is a 100% sustainable dying method. This technique was used during the Muromachi period (A.D. 1500) and is the most ecological way of indigo dye, since all ingredients are biodegradable. To create the indigo dye liquid, "Sukumo" , composted indigo leaves and "lye” derived from wood ash are combined and gradually transformed due to the power of fermentation. To further enhance the fermentation process, the Sukumo gets fed with bran or shell ash for rich bacteria growth and nutrition. In the final step, the colour fastening, the dyed fabric is solely oxidised in water and air and fastened through the energy of the sun. 

Through the natural process from plant to dye liquid in which only the energy from mother Earth is borrowed, the aizome method transforms and enhances the properties of the dyed garments, naturally increasing the durability of the fabric, adding antibacterial and odorless attributes.

The C.C.P. Aizome collection x Goodhood - London fusing ancient Japanese tradition and contemporary art. All pieces unique hand-dyed Ayaki Indigo Luv in Chiba, Japan. The collection comprises of a hoodie, long sleeve and short sleeve t-shirt, trouser, mask, Riso printed zine and four Riso printed limited editions.


Artworks by Alexandre BavardAki Yamamoto , Laurie Herman & Nick Atkins - 21.10.2021 - 31.10.2021 @goodhood - London.

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